Lowdahmercy! My dream has always been to open a Caribbean eatery and now its a reality! We aim to serve the best Jerk Chicken in the world amongst other traditional Caribbean favourites, including smoked meats and vegetables all finished on our real jerk pit. Remember, it’s not a restaurant, it’s a ‘Rastaurant’.

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Dietary Needs

Here at the Rastaurant we have a wide selection of Veggie Friendly, Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free dishes . Check out our Ital Vital for an authentic Rasta dish true to it's vegan roots. Boom!

Allergy Info

Although some of our dishes do not contain nuts as an ingredient, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found in them. If you require allergy information, please ask a member of staff.

Living Wage

All of our staff receive at least the London Living Wage. We are accredited as a UK Living Wage. Employer with the Living Wage Foundation (Charity No. 1107264)

"I will never forget that little paradise in Jamaica and my saintly Grandmother, who helped to make me the success I am now" – Levi Roots